Monte Fitz Roy

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Hi everyone. I just returned from a quick trip to Patagonia with a fellow photographer friend and thought I'd share my photos. We only had time to hit a couple of iconic locations, and Mt Fitz Roy was the first one. Most of these were processed on my laptop on the plane, but seem OK to me. Would love to hear any suggestions or critiques on how I can make them better or do better next time.

1) On the mid-afternoon drive out to El Chalten at the base of Mt. Fitz Roy we were treated to views like this.

2) The view of the mountains from the road was so nice we decided to shoot sunrise the next morning from the area and arrived well before dawn to just that.

3) The sky was full of lenticular clouds that were just starting to illuminate in the pre-dawn light. Never seen anything like it.

4) Still pre-dawn, I broke out my telephoto lens.

5) First light with crazy lenticular cloud formations.



8) Sunrise continues...

9) Later this day we started hiking up to what would be our base camp for the next couple of days.
Along the way we were treated to this view of the Piedras Blancas Glacier.

10) We rolled out of our tents around 3 am to make the ascent to the iconic Laguna de los tres view of Fitz Roy. It was raining lightly and the mountains were completely socked in. We started the trek anyway, but eventually bailed out when rain increased, the visibility decreased and it appeared hopeless for a decent sunrise. We descended, crawled back into our tents and when the rain eventually subsided later in the day, we got up, ate breakfast, did some exploring and discovered this place.

11) Next morning it was raining lightly, but we decided what the heck and went for the lake again. Pay dirt.


13) Long exposure (82 seconds) attempt at showing cloud movement. A bit disappointing. Not enough clouds and/or too short an exposure I guess.


That's all I got. I hope you enjoyed them, and would love to hear any feedback.


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