Nervous to overhaul my site

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Hi Folks - Long time customer who created their site back in 2007 here. I have a Portfolio level account. Lots of my CSS/HTML/Java customizations were lost in the 2013 platform upgrade and I never bothered fixing it. Now I'm going to do a overhaul and have a few questions:

  1. Is there a 'history/change list' where if I implement a change, I can undo it AFTER I publish it?
  2. And like #1, if I apply a new site-wide design from the canned ones, can I revert back to my original site after hitting the 'publish' button? I'm nervous if I do this and don't like it, there is no going back and I'm kind of screwed.
  3. If I use one of the site-wide Design Templates, can I add in CSS/HTML/Java customizations in it? Or no, it's basic and not customization? I haven't applied one, so can't poke around it's settings to find out.


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