Mobile Devices: Can I set the homepage image as a link to galleries?

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Hello all - On a mobile device, one has to click on the menu at the to begin site navigation. Is it possible to also set the home picture as a link to my main gallery page? I think a lot of people will instinctively click on the photo on the homepage. Thanks!

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    The background slideshow is not clickable, but you could consider adding a button content block on your homepage and set that to go to the page of your choosing. It's in the navigation section of the content tab.

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    edited December 31, 2018

    I did this by adding an HTML block and using HTML tags to make the image clickable. In my case, the "block" is the banner on the page, but i wanted parts of it to click into different parts of my site.

    In this case, you could add an HTML block and something like (note, I added spaces in front of "<" to show the code, you need to delete those)

    < a href="http://[YOUR CLICK-TO ADDRESS]">< img src="" alt="image">

    Note this IMG SRC tag points to the smugmug location of the image i want..

    Hope that helps. I'm currently trapped in CSS hell on my site banners... It stinks

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