Unwanted spacers between content blocks on a mobile devices

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Hey all,

I've seen this question has been asked in slightly different ways, so I've made a new topic.

My intent for the homepage of website ( pieperphotography.com ) is to have my desired layout manually set with 'Single Photo' content blocks as in the first screenshot to have:
•No spacing between photos
•Full-width landscape photos
•Half width portrait photos

If you see my homepage at the link above, it is currently functioning how I would like it on desktop. However, when viewed on a mobile, or a browser with a lower horizontal pixel count, there is what appears to be a blanket spacing between each content block and therefore between individual photos, as I'm using 'Single Photo' content blocks.

I'm unfamiliar with CSS, could anyone assist me with recommendations to remove these spaces?

Thank you in advance for any help!



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