Configuring "send from" in Gmail using SmugDomains

kbevphotokbevphoto Registered Users Posts: 110 Major grins

Spend hours trying to solve this today. I'm losing my mind.

A while back I set up a FORWARDING email address, [email protected]... It forwards to my Gmail address. At the time, I also set up the ability to SEND FROM [email protected] in gmail.

In the gmail settings screen, there is a "Send email as" --> "Add another email address" setting. Seems simple enough. I assumed that's how I set up [email protected].

Fast forward to today, I've set up a new forward account under a new domain, [email protected]

Now i'm trying to set up another "send from" for that address and I'm stuck.

It is asking for the address, and I'm setting it up as an alias ([email protected]). THEN, it asks for the SMTP server & port. it's also asking for a username and password. This is where I'm stuck. It's not authenticating the username/ password. What should be the settings for all 4 fields?

i've tried about every combination I can this of. I tired both my SmugDomains PW and my gmail PWs. Nothing. After several hours of reading and testing, I'm exhausted. Any ideas?


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