Configuring "send from" in Gmail using SmugDomains

kbevphotokbevphoto Registered Users Posts: 110 Major grins

Spend hours trying to solve this today. I'm losing my mind.

A while back I set up a FORWARDING email address, keith@kbevphoto.com... It forwards to my Gmail address. At the time, I also set up the ability to SEND FROM keith@kbevhoto.com in gmail.

In the gmail settings screen, there is a "Send email as" --> "Add another email address" setting. Seems simple enough. I assumed that's how I set up keith@kbevphoto.com.

Fast forward to today, I've set up a new forward account under a new domain, keith@grafnmodels.com

Now i'm trying to set up another "send from" for that address and I'm stuck.

It is asking for the address, and I'm setting it up as an alias (keith@grafnmodels.com). THEN, it asks for the SMTP server & port. it's also asking for a username and password. This is where I'm stuck. It's not authenticating the username/ password. What should be the settings for all 4 fields?

i've tried about every combination I can this of. I tired both my SmugDomains PW and my gmail PWs. Nothing. After several hours of reading and testing, I'm exhausted. Any ideas?


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