Slideshow doesn't display well on mobile devices

CodyPCodyP Rockhampton, QLDPosts: 6Registered Users Big grins
Does anyone else find the slideshow feature doesn't display in the centre on their mobile device?

My Samsung Galaxy S8+ shows the slideshow, but only at the very top of the page in portrait. Not only do landscape images fit the width, but stay at the top of the page, portrait images sit at the top of the page, neither centred or filling the height of the screen (only around a third).

On landscape, the results are almost perfect, though there is a strange 20-30 pixel white space below each image, which doesn't seem to fulfil a purpose. It's neither unnoticeable or the same height as the pause button at the bottom left.

Thankfully I don't expect anyone to use the mobile slideshow much, but it wouldn't be bad to have it a bit better laid out.
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