Canon EOS R Mirrorless - Video Features

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I have another link in the Cameras section covering this EOS R body and lenses, but this thread will be more video-centric.

To kick the thread off, here's a recent video from Canon USA:

A Delicious Food Adventure with Traveling Jules and the Canon EOS R

Published on Jan 2, 2019

Join travel vlogger Juliana Broste aka Traveling Jules, as she takes the Canon EOS R on a delicious food adventure throughout Denver, Colorado. Go behind the scenes as she puts the EOS R through its paces in many different scenarios and lighting situations, showcasing both its still and video capabilities.

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    That selfie stick is HEEYOOOOGGEE!!! lol

    This is a GREAT video review, especially love the field use aspect, and she talks about some of the doo-dads with actual use knowledge. I really like the drop-in filter slot in the one lens...pretty slick.

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    The Most Underrated Camera Of 2019

    Matti Haapoja
    Published on May 29, 2019

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