Photos of the Same Graffiti piece over 9 years

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    Great series, sad and contemporary... all equal under the law in severe decay...

    The February 2015 and the last one are specially poignant.

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    Quiet disturbing display of the current state of affairs in South Africa. I'm not sure if I'm informed correctly by our media, but probably the decay of this piece is reflecting what currently happens - the destruction of the dream of Equality that Mandela brought to the country and fought for such a long time.

    That being said, I have a special love for the art of Graffiti (especially those large murals) - whether legally or illegaly painted doesn't matter to me. And you captured this one pretty well. Also I didn't know this artist (Faith47), so thanks for sharing and for the pointer to the artist. I'm gonna dig up some more of her work as soon as I have hit the Post button!

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