Image-only sharing without text? (Might be FB-specific)

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I'm not sure whether this is a Smugmug question or more a Facebook issue, but...

I'd like to be able to share a link to a Smugmug image to facebook, and have only the image show up there. The obvious way to do that seems to be to go to the image, use the "share" button, select "photo only" and my preferred size, copy the resulting URL, and paste that into FB.

When I do that, I get the image preview, but also the gallery name and description text. I don't want that -- what I want is something that *looks* the same as uploading an image to facebook itself. Just the image, no extra text or meta-data in the post. Then if someone clicks on it they get redirected to Smugmug, that's fine (and preferred, since they can then see a higher resolution version than FB supports, EXIF data, etc.).

Is this possible? If so, can someone give me a quick walk-through, since I can't seem to find it? thanks!!


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    Hey Chd. The only way to do this is to download that preview image to your computer and upload it to Facebook. Facebook imports all information about the link when you add an image using a link.

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  • chdchd Tucson, AZ, USAPosts: 3Registered Users Big grins
    Gotcha - ok, thanks!!
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    You could do that with PhotoTeleport too: you can use it to upload the image to Smugmug and Facebook in a single step, and you can set different resolutions if you prefer not to upload the full resolution image to Facebook. You can also write different captions for Smugmug and Facebook, so for example you could write the link to your Smugmug gallery into the caption of the photo you upload to Facebook; I believe that Facebook should be smart enough to recognize it as a link and make it clickable.

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