Paradise Ablaze

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Aloha gang!

Today I'm sharing with you a little bit of chaos from a few nights ago. Brush fires on the island are no joke, and things can go from 'Wow, look at that fire' to 'Grab your stuff, we gotta evac' in a very short time. This particular blaze was the result of a failed substation transformer. The transformer exploded, caught the grass nearby on fire, and then it was crazy town. The wind was up around 20mph, which made containment seemingly impossible. Fortunately, it did not spread close enough to our neighborhood to evac, but it was looking grim for a time.

After battling the fire through the night, the Maui Fire Dept crew was able to wrangle it into submission. The next day, they had a heli flying a water bucket around all day long, followed by a much needed rain that evening.

Ahhhh, the lesser-known events of living in a coastal desert in paradise....


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    JBR, #2 is frame worthy even if it was something unfortunate, but awesome result! Be safe my friend!

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    Scary stuff. Glad they brought it under control and you're OK. Only a true photographer would march straight into danger with their camera like you did.

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    Taz is right about that second shot....dramatic to the highest order. Having been treated rudely by one of Florida's hurricanes last year, I have gained an unimpeachable respect for those who have had to deal with such circumstanes; extended to others, like yourself, who are just thretened but spared. Either way, it's a terrible ordeal to experience.

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    Scary and fascinating at the same time. Fire is such weirdly hypnotizing thing, and such a large fire is downright addictive to the mind despite being able to kill you in a matter of seconds.

    You captured it very well, JBR. Glad that the fire didn't went out of control.

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