Set photo date

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Just want to confirm my understanding that smugmug does not allow the user to set the date associated with a photo. My use case is that I'm scanning many hundreds of slides for my father-in-law, who can barely use a browser. I would like to upload photos, then sit with him in the retirement home and have him give me approximate "taken" dates (among other attributes that smugmug does let us modify) that I can use to help organize the photos, entering them right in front of him on his Chromebook. If the only way to set the associated date is (e.g.) via client-side tools, then I'm facing a much less pleasant experience of getting the date information from him, mailing it to myself, fixing at home on the desktop that has all the photos and all the many tools (silverfast, photoshop, LightRoom, etc.), and then re-uploading the photos. Since smugmug has various "date" features baked in, it would be nice to set the field those features hinge on rather than trying to hack around it by storing the date in title/caption/whatever or something like that.

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