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Hey everyone,

Over the past ~2 weeks, I've been setting up my website (because I'm a new member, it won't let me post a direct link, but it's ianmenego dot smug mug dot com) and am pretty happy with how simple it was to get set up. In designing my home page, I decided upon using the carousel content block because I wanted to have a dynamic display of images on my homepage, but I liked the continuous "stream" of images provided by the carousel more so than single-image display of the slideshow content block.

While I really like the carousel, there are a few tweaks that I'd like to make, but I'm not certain if it's even possible to do so. I'm hoping those more knowledgeable than I can let me know what's possible and what's not:

1. When viewing on a computer, the images display properly with all of the heights equalized (I have "content aware height" set to ON in the settings). This is great because I have a mix of 3:2 and 4:3 aspect ratio images. However, when I view the site on my phone, all of the images display at 1:1 instead (all still scaled to the same height). This is frustrating because I cuts off the left and right sides of the image when viewing on a mobile device. Is there a way that I can correct this issue so that the images display in their full width on mobile devices in the carousel?

2. Ideally, I would like the carousel to continuously scroll through the selected images. Currently, it will stop on each image, and then abruptly change to the next image. I would really like it if the content could be customized so that images would constantly scroll from right to left. Is this possible?

3. If it is not possible, can I customize the "hold" time on each image beyond the current "fast/medium/slow" autoscroll speed? When using the slideshow content block, users can specify the exact time each image is shown in seconds, as well as customize the time it takes to transition to the next image. IMO, this is better than what is currently available for the carousel as I personally feel that "fast" is too fast with not enough time spent on each image, but "medium" is a hair too slow. I would like to customize the time (in seconds) that each image is displayed when using the carousel content block. Is this possible to do?

I appreciate any help in trying to integrate some of the above functionality!


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    Not a single response. Hmmmm
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    A customization concern in the Support channel is likely why this was never seen by the Support staff. If this is still a concern it may be asked in the Customization channel, but to our knowledge none of the things requested can be modified with customization. The scroll speed is only modified by the specific parameters of "Fast, Med and Slow". If there are other concerns with regard to customization, post in that channel or reach out to our Support Team, [email protected]

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