Northern Lights (as seen from Iceland)

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A trip a few years ago to Iceland where I was lucky enough to see the Northern Lights six nights on the trot. Obviously I took quite a few shots but here are some of my favourite.

1] On the road, heading East from Vik. This is earlier on one evening before the light show really started, but we had that classic strip across the sky. I decided to go under the bridge as I quite liked the line of the lights matching the structure.

2] Taken from the same location as number 1, a short walk away, but looking in another direction.

3] Same night as the above two shots. The lights had faded to nothing, we had returned back to base and were about to call it a night when this happened. The lights opened up above our heads in all directions. It became almost impossible to photograph. I don't think this is a strong composition but it was the best I could get from the grounds I was in!

4] Same place and time. Ignore the horrible pole :)

5] Moving further East into Jökulsárlón. Less powerful and less colourful displays, but in my opinion more photogenic.

6] Anyone who has been to this location will know it gets busy, which does take a way from the location but if you can get some space to yourself it can be magical. A few a photographers entered my view, but I thought they added to the scale.

7] If you've ever seen a long-exposure of a block of ice on a black beach, then that ice probably came through here!

8] One of those rare moments it all came together. Widest angle lens I own (15mm), a lovely arch of the lights and a lovely reflection.


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    Awesome! I have not yet seen northern lights in reality, but your pics make me want to see them. Although there are some distractions on few of this pics, I do like them all. That said, #5 and #8 are my favourites from this set., and as you said, #8 brings it all together - quite divine photo!

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    Great set! Some really nice images. #6&8, would be my picks.

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    These are wonderful!
    2 and 8 are my favorites.

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    Really nice! 5 is my favorite - good comp and with people at the top of the hill adding interest to the scene.

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    Wow! Incredible captures! Dream of seeing them one day!

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