Thumbnail cropping doesn't stick



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    First, this has nothing to do with lightbox. Couldn't care less if the tool is there or not.
    Without the zoom the tool is completely useless. This so called "interest point" is totally worthless when the "interest point" is tiny.
    What bothers me is you found the cause and refuse to fix it. Great customer support!
    Another example of a great tool that works great and has been around forever but someone decides THEY don't want it so it disappears.
    The tool worked perfectly for years. It seems like the only thing Smug is interested in now a-days is a "pretty display".

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    @leftquark said:
    I try my hardest to communicate with the Support Heroes but I'll take the responsibility here and admit I could have done a better job communicating with them. We investigated 6 months ago when you and Allen brought this up. When it was first reported months ago we were on this same path of removing the tool in the new Lightbox and I had decided not to fix it then. I thought we were much closer to launching the new Lightbox -- in hindsight we should have removed the broken tool long ago. Next time I'll make sure we do a better job of communicating with everyone -- with all of you here, and with the heroes so they could re-iterate the same.

    First of all, I appreciate the candid response.
    But I don't see what a new Lightbox (which is the part of the window that displays the full sized photo?) has to do with the cropped photo in the thumbnails.
    Deciding to remove a tool it's up to you, no doubt. If too few users actually use it, I can't argue. But, it was a necessary tool for the SM CLASSIC, not some esoteric function - so I am surprised that you deemed it (and doomed it) negligible enough to be removed.
    And even without anyone actually reporting a bug, when a function is removed, it should be communicated. I believe you have means of determining who uses which functions, so at least notify them.

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