issue with file names not showing when caption is empty

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hi i'm having an issue which is maybe related to jeffrey friedel's LW export plugin or not. i did set the plugin to export all files without caption and could verify in the organizer that uploaded images indeed have empty captions. the reason to do so is to get the file names displayed in my gallery, which is sort of essential reference for potential clients of my archive. the strange thing is that some of the files show the file names as expected others have an "unkown" label.

unfortunately, i'm not allowed to share links, so i cannot show any screenshots or website links.

any idea why this is happening? is there any workaround for it?


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    Can't help with why it's happening, but I'd recommend using Lightroom to actually put your filenames into your captions instead of relying on smugmug to do it automatically. I use a plugin called LR Transporter to add filenames to captions, with some html and css to make them look nice.

    Looks like this:


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    ah, this is a good solution as well, thanks for the hint!

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