Super Blood Moon Eclipse. January 20, 2019

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I wanted to see the eclipse in January, and even though it could be seen from Indiana, I was rather concerned it might be occluded by cloud cover, so my spouse and I made a road trip to Denver to visit her brother - he found a lovely site to work from about 50 miles east of Denver, and that is where we spent the evening of January 20. Shooting was made a bit complicated because the moon was almost directly overhead, and this made manual focusing more of a challenge - just put your camera on a tripod, aim it vertical ( about 2 feet off the ground) , and then try and peer though the viewfinder in the dark in 20ºF with a 12 mph breeze to help keep you from overheating. I did manage to get a few frames that I am satisfied with

Anyone else have some photos of the eclipse they would like to post?

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    Lovely set Jim! The first one rocks for me! I still have not seen a blood moon. Had a chance this time.....slept!

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    Great pics, Jim. I wanted to go out there, but it was 3 degrees! Glad you got to capture it so clearly.

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    Thanks guys. It wasn't as cold as it was in the mid west, that's for sure. I was still impressed by how much the exposure changes from sunlit to shade during the eclipse, and I didn't fully expect AF to cease working then, although I should have. It was fun.

    Now I will wait for the solar eclipse in 2024? Totality will come through my backyard or very nearby.

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    Holy details in that last frame!!! All are beautiful captures, thank you for sharing.

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