Life in the Aleutians: Dutch Harbor Eagles, Emperor Geese, Ducks, etc.

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So I have a seasonal job working as a fisheries biologist where most my days are spent out in the Bearing Sea, but I had two stellar days of sunlight in Dutch Harbor which permitted me to capture these photos. Quite a few "lifers" for me this trip around. I'll be looking forward to the next time I embark, and if I'm lucky I'll have just enough light to go shoot again before we head back out. If you like these photos check out my Alaska portfolio which also includes some shots from Kodiak from last year in the "Travel" section on my webpage (















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    Wow, that's some impressive wildlife shots there. I especially do like numbers 4, 9 and 10. And the non-wildlife shot at 7 does speak to me, too! Thanks for sharing, it's always nice to see some of mother nature's creatures well shot.

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    Superb set! Very enjoyable!

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    Great set!! I like #4

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    How awesome, and how lucky you are. All great shots, especially #4 and that sinister looking wolf shot.

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    Superb! pictures are really sharp! especially i am in love with those eagle photos.
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    Thanks! I have quite a few eagle shots on my hard drive especially from the scene from #4. @kdog believe it or not, that is actually a silver fox. There are quite a few like that on the Island of Unalaska. I kind of like them more than the red, but in the snow the red really pops. I'm hoping to find one hunting out here, but that'll have to come with a bit of luck haha

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    Good old Dutch - Garden Spot of Alaska!
    1. Hard not to miss that steely gaze from the local Bald Eagles, particularly while beamed while atop crab pots..

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    Awesome images!!

    Thank you for showing us a place and its residents that many may never get to or see in person.

    Wonderful...thank you!!

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    Fantastic shots Kyle!!!

    Gallery -

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    Nice work!

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