Guilin Part 3

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These photos were shot around the villages of Guilin



Mending the net - looked like his having serious myopia!

This elder told me he practices calligraphy writing for 2 hrs every morning to strengthen his health and to keep his mind sharp.

Card game is a common past time. In fact I see this almost every street corners in China.

Enjoying a puff

Die hard artist - rain or shine

His contorted sleeping posture that resembled some kind of prehistoric skeletal caught my attention.

A diminutive elder with serious osteoporosis

What's up

Crotchless attire still abound in rural villages for convenience of easing without parent assistance.

Matching umbrella

Ear cleansing by the street

You come I go. Guilin city - Most motorcyclists possess the finesse of weaving around each other that hardly cause any accident!


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