Any reason to keep old Photouse magazines?

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I have volumes of mags going bacl to 2012. I suppose a lot of versions of LR and PS have changed .


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    I try to pitch my photoshop user mags annually anymore - they just don't usually have great value after a couple years.

    There are occasional articles that are timeless. I may tear those out and save them or digitize them by scanning - depends on my mood I suspect

    Its easier for me how to do something I rarely do, by searching on YouTube than digging through a stack of old magazines. Times change, and I do too, but slowly I think. 🙁

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    The problem is, the magazines are a mix of good old fundamental techniques, new feature info, and the "latest breaking news" as far as that is possible for a 3-month lead-time print magazine in the age of the Internet. I used to tear out and file the good parts before tossing them, but then I realized Kelby started providing PDF back issues on their web site. So I stopped saving any of the paper and instead, I downloaded all of the back issues I could, because then their PDF contents would turn up when I search for Photoshop terms on my computer.

    Then I stopped my Kelby membership because I kind of grew out of it.

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