Smart gallery maximum display size not applying

jamesthurleyjamesthurley Guildford, UKPosts: 2Registered Users Beginner grinner
I've just recently signed up for SmugMug. I'm a non-professional user, and most of my galleries are going to be visible only to family members. What I've tried to do initially is to have galleries for specific events (e.g. a family holiday) that has restricted visibility, but within those galleries I will tag certain photos as "public". I then have a smart gallery called "Public" which will collate all photos tagged "public" in one place, and the security of that gallery is set so that it is visible to anyone.

The issue I've come across is when I set my family galleries to allow displaying images in any size (I'm happy for family members to download the originals if they want to print locally), but set the public smart gallery to have maximum display size, as I don't want randoms to download the original size photos.

The setting in the smart gallery doesn't seem to apply however: If I open an incogneto window in Chrome and navigate to my SmugMug page, I can still download the original images despite not being signed in. I assume it is taking the maximum display size from the photos original location, and not the smart gallery?

Is this the expected behaviour? It's not a big deal if I have to publish public photos separately rather than using a smart gallery, but wanted to check before I abandon this approach.


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