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Good Evening Grinners..
Our daughter took this shot of My Bride and I walking down Laguna Beach in Nov of 2017. Sadly she did not survive her battle with the beast (GB cancer) and she passed away Jan 29, 2019. We used this photo on the back page of the program at her memorial service along with this poem
"Remember me with smiles and laughter...
For that is how I am remembering you all...
If you must remember me with tears..
Then please don't remember me at all"

I LOVE YOU Sweet Pea!!


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    Oh my... So very sorry for your loss. That poem is touching (and perfect for the photo) and I did have tears reading it.

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    Spence, so sorry for your loss. This is a beautiful tribute, in both words and picture.

    All the best.

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    Sorry for your loss, a beautiful photo and a tribute.

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    Very much sorry for your loss. this is a very beautiful photo.

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