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This is "Dok," (registered name Cent II vom Fuchsfluesschen) my brother's hunting dog. He is a great model and this is an early pic of him. I did a quick BW conversion to see what y'all think. If it is worth pursuing, I will redo the conversion in Silver FX. Comments are appreciated.

NOTE: The Deutsch Drahthaar is a German breed, from which the US German Wirehair Pointer evolved. It is a "versatile hunting dog," meaning it points and retrieves and works in field, forest and water. Breeding adheres to very strict standards that date back to the early 1900s in Germany. In order to be bred, the dog must undergo stringent field testing (known as VGP) that includes blood tracking, water retrieval, pointing, woods search, and obedience, in 28 different categories. Dok did his VGP test last fall and was awarded a "Prize I," which is the highest level (not necessarily the highest numerical score) possible. I watched some of the test and both dog and handler were impressive. It is fun to watch the aftermath of the blood tracking portion--if the dog succeeds, both dog and handler return with a leaf in his collar and hat as a sign of success. Dok and my brother returned wearing a small branch!

Thanks for looking.

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    Good shot! Color looks better to me, most likely due to color it is helping the subject. Cheers!

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    Awesome doge, looks very intelligent and attentive. And you just gotta love their "real" names from the breeder, they always sound so noble. In German, "von" or "vom" prefix to a name usually means a noble ancestry, most often given to counts and the likes. And "vom Fuchsfluesschen" is just too cute, it means something laong "from the foxe's little river" (in case you didn't know that already :smile:

    Anyhow, nice picture - albeit being a B&W fan, I also think color here works much better in terms of background/subject separation.


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    I like the bw, but I agree that the background is a bit distracting, specially on the lower part. Perhaps a square crop of a horizontal rectangular crop could work.

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    Abrazos for the perro.

    I like the color better for the better background.

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    Thanks, everyone! I favor the color one also but thought I'd try the BW just to see. With the right image, I think the black, white and gray coat might work. If I find one with a better background I will post it for comments.

    Can, thanks for the translation--I had no idea what his name means!

    "But ask the animals, and they will teach you." (Job 12:7)

    Lauren Blackwell
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