Dynamic Watermarks

shniksshniks Registered Users Posts: 945 Major grins

Hi all,

One of the annoyances I face with SM concerns the application of a watermark to my photos in the galleries. Why doesn't SM allow us to resize the WM on each individual photo using Organize? Right now it just applies the WM to each photo with no scaling. So if one photo is 6000 px, then the WM looks small, but if another photo is 2000 px, then the WM is huge. It should be a simple fix to allow us to be able to go to Organize, place an uploaded WM on a selected photo and then resize it directly on the photo (i.e. allows us to resize our watermarks for each photo, directly in Organize). The only other alternative is to now download all my photos from each album, apply a WM to each in Photoshop and then upload it - which is not happening as that would be too cumbersome.

I really hope there is a simple solution to this.


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