How Many Galleries or Folders Do I Have and How Many Pics Per Section?

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Longtime SM user (~9 years), currently using LR Classic CC on a Mac with SM plugin to upload and sync.

I need to track / summarize how many galleries I have, as specifically as possible but anything would help.

I don't need to show # galleries, on the website etc. but a few times a month need to compare growth, example: Folder A grew from 13 galleries to 15 galleries and 1300pics to 1455pics (I can get the # of images from LR by clicking on the parent folder and looking at the toolbar).

Is there any way to do this other than manually scrolling and counting the galleries?

John in Georgia
Nikon | Private Photojournalist


  • jhelmsjhelms Major grins Posts: 662Registered Users Major grins

    Oh yeah; I noticed when I'm in the 'organize' section of SM, it shows me "xxx items" which is pretty darn close to what I'm looking for, and if I just need to click through each section and write down each result showing there then that will work.

    BUT if there's a way to get a summary of all that would be super cool.

    John in Georgia
    Nikon | Private Photojournalist
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