upload folder tree to SmugMug in browser - only once

Martin1Martin1 Registered Users Posts: 8 Big grins
edited February 14, 2019 in Bug Reporting

The SmugMug browser Web-GUI offers the ability to upload a folder tree (folder with sub-folders with photos).

This is awesome, but what if that tree upload aborts for some reason? I have to repeat the tree upload, but I will see an error message saying that there already is a folder with the name of the upload root folder. That is correct, but that should not lead to an error. My expectation is that the tree upload should discover duplicates and handle them if tree upload is done again for same tree.

SmugMug documentation is saying that there is some duplicate photo handling based on filenames. So I think you planned to implement repetition of folder tree upload. But currently it is not working properly.

Currently it is impossible to upload the same folder tree again.

Any plans to improve this?

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