Sign in and collect names/emails?

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Hi, I'm new to smugmug, coming over from zenfolio. In zenfolio you can have a sign in for each page so that you can both see who is signing in and collect contact information. Is there anyway to do that with smugmug? Thanks.


  • skimmelskimmel Posts: 3Registered Users Big grins
    I'm guessing by the lack of replies that this is not possible?
  • VivPixVivPix Peace Love & Photography Posts: 57Registered Users Big grins

    The only way to do something like that is with the "Events" feature, which is only available with the Pro plan.
    When you create an "Event" you can require that anyone viewing the event to register. Please see this for more about using this feature...
    Other than that, there is not a way to collect the information about who is viewing your SmugMug galleries.

    Please feel free to leave this as a new feature request:
    Many new features have come from this!


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