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I recently went through the process of trying to protect myself from the plethora of invasive malware, scams etc., that have become so prevalent.

One of the things I did was disable 'third party cookies' on Google Chrome. A few days later I uploaded some photos to my Website and while the upload went fine, I could not make any adjustments to the order of the photos.

After trying several things I eventually contacted SmugMug help and after a few back-and-forths realized the problem was caused by disabling 'third part cookies'.

I am wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue and found a workaround - apparently Chrome does not allow Selective Choices for Third Party Cookies so it is all or none. Not great since these are a major source of spam and scams.


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    When you're using a custom domain, is considered a third party by your browser. If third party cookies are blocked, this may prevent the site from working properly if you're using a custom domain.

    While I haven't tried this yet, what you could try is to add [*] adding to the allow section of Chrome's cookie settings. This might help even with third party cookies disabled. At least this is what I've seen mentioned on different forums / posts.

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