Keyword Glitches

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edited February 17, 2019 in SmugMug Support

One main reason I have Smugmug is to find keyworded pictures fast---and yet many such keyworded pics don't even end up in the list of that keyword.

Here's an example---

This pic shows the keyword "backpacking people" beneath it. When you click on the keyword it's not in any of the pictures---and I looked 3 times for it. And that particular pic should show up immediately as part of the Keyword gallery for "backpacking people". See next sentence.

Another Glitch---previously you could click on a keyworded picture (meaning---clickon "backpacking people" beneath that pic) and THAT same picture would appear on the screen in its keyworded section. NOT ANYMORE. Now you click on any keyworded picture in any of my galleries and you come to the first page of that keyword pics---not that particular pic. What happened??

The saddest part is knowing I am keywording dozens of pics that don't even show up in their keyworded sections.


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