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I am trying to decide how best to notify followers when I add a new gallery to my site. Over time I have developed a list of 250-300 people in the share contacts list section that comes up when I choose share/social/email link on a photo. It is necessary to choose contacts one at a time. Multiple people can be included on each share link.
I find some domains seem to block smugmug notifications. That is particularly true the more names I include in each notification.
That means I generally include 20-30 contacts in each mailing.
I am considering developing a blog with wordpress where followers can choose to be notified of new blog posts. I could then create a post for each new gallery I create and people who want to follow can opt in. I would add a link to the smugmug gallery in the new blog post.

To me one advantage of this is I wouldn’t need to go through the tedium of selecting 200+ contacts whenever it is time to make a new notification. Another advantage is those who tire of notifications could readily opt out.
I am curious what other means others use to notify their followers. People do tell me they enjoy going through the galleries, but of course not everyone takes the time and I am sensitive enough to the issue of spam that I want to give people easy ways to opt in and opt out.
Thanks for suggestions. I am interested in learning how others have solved the problem of notifying people of new galleries and new images that might be of interest to them.



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