After the Storm

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Some of you may have noted the weather news coming out of Oregon this past week. In my area, we broke a 117-year old record for a single snowfall--and my home received over 2 feet in 18 hours. The storm last quite a bit longer, and at the end we had 3-4 foot drifts over our property. But when the sun came out, it was glorious.


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    Great capture. Nice job on the exposure and processing. During the recent record snow fall in the Puget sound area, we received almost 2 ft. We still have 2-3 inches in the backyard 2 weeks later. Crazy weather this year!

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    JonaBeth RussellJonaBeth Russell Registered Users Posts: 1,065 Major grins

    This is great! Loving the tree, and the man with the snow blower is a perfect touch. Thanks for sharing this image with us!

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    StueveShotsStueveShots Registered Users Posts: 544 Major grins

    Thank you, RoadDog--the entire NW seems to have been hit hard. I think we will have mounds of snow on our property well into spring! :)

    Thanks, JonaBeth. The man with the snow blower is my hard-working husband. (He stands 6'3"...to give you some sense of scale. Based on the height of the tree, that juniper may be well over 200 years old.) The snow-blower couldn't handle the initial dump of snow, so he hand shoveled our entire 200-foot driveway to remove the first 2 feet. I helped a little, but not enough to count. He's my hero!

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