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Hi there, I am a location scout and use SmugMug to share scouting images with clients. I organize my photos in galleries within folders. When I am ready to share images with clients I build a custom page for each client (typically password protected) drop in gallery content blocks and then select the gallery I want to share within that block. This all runs seamlessly, the issue I'm having is that when the link is opened by the client they are able to navigate backwards from the specific gallery I linked to ALL OF MY galleries and folders. This is because when they click on a gallery I shared with them in the upper left hand corner of the banner image is the home button (a little house) along with the folder the gallery is sourced from. Therefore anyone can click it and see all of my files with the folder. This is totally unacceptable. I've tried making folders/galleries unlisted but this means my clients can't see them at all. Unfortunately sharing pages with specific people isn't an option for me as more often that not the pages/links I create get passed around to different people who I do not have contact for. If anyone has any insight here I would greatly appreciate it. I am getting super frustrated and am about to give up on smugmug. I need a way to share galleries with clients but block them from being able to navigate back to the source folder. PS I tried using sharegroups but they don't offer enough customization.


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    Do you share those galleries with anyone else? If they're the only ones who see the gallery, could you add a link back to their "page" by putting a text or menu content block on the gallery that links to their page?

    I think the best bet would be to remove the "Breadcrumb" content block from your galleries (if it has one), or disable the Gallery Breadcrumb (if that's where it's coming from). This way they won't be able to navigate to the whole site and they'll be able to use their browser back button to get back.

    To do this:
    1) Start on the Gallery
    2) Go into Customize -> Content and Design
    3) Click on the gallery to open its settings
    4) Choose the gallery style you're using
    5) Disable the Breadcrumb
    6) Close out and click "Publish" to push the changes live.

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