Login Invalid when uploading photos using Safari 12

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I get an invalid login error when uploading files to my Smugmug site when using Safari 12 on my iMac, they upload fine when using Chrome. I checked my preferences and cookies are allowed in Safari, is there another setting I should check.


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    I had a problem uploading in Edge a while back and it turned out to be caused by the Ghostery browser extension. Once I set smug and my site to be trusted sites all was fixed.

    Do you have any browser extensions installed that could be causing this?

    For faster attention you might try emailing the help desk, https://help.smugmug.com/email-a-smugmug-support-hero-rkwelDyVrz, [email protected] They might have ideas about other causes.

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    Unfortunately this issue is related to recent updates made by Safari. In the past, one could specify which 3rd party cookies could be allowed, but this is no longer available via Safari. Please follow the steps below to get logged back in.
    1) Log out of SmugMug 
2) Clear Safari's History (Safari > Clear History > All Time) 
3) Quit and relaunch Safari
 4) Login from www.smugmug.com normally.
    This issue can be a pain, but it is unfortunately out of our control. We are aware of the issue, and looking for possible workarounds.


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