A73 Test - Ocean View Interior

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Aloha gang!

I've been shooting the A7R3 for several months now, and absolutely love it. Since I recently sold my Canon backup body, I was able to spring for another Sony alpha to make a matched pair. However, the 42mp image files from the A7R3 are eating up my hard drive space in rapid order, and most of my work doesn't require such resolution. This means the obvious choice for me as a second camera is the A73 - essentially the same camera, only 24mp instead, and a weird cropping of 4k video in full frame mode, due to pixel binning I believe. Outside of that, same exact camera, so I set the menus identically, and so on.

This morning's test shoot is an ocean view luxury vacation rental condo in Wailea. The condo itself is light & bright themed, and the morning light was fabulous. These images were shot in a single frame each, using radio strobes to very gently paint the smallest amount of light onto the scene. Because these A7 series cameras have about 15 stops of dynamic range, it's possible to use this technique as a way to preserve natural shadows without needing to brush tool them back in later.

I'm just beside myself happy with this little camera! So much power packed into a full frame mirrorless, and saves me HOURS of advanced editing techniques that I always needed for a similar look with the older cameras. I'm definitely a fan of these cams.

Enjoy, and Mahalo for viewing!


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    Regardless of what camera system you are using, your shots are excelent. Well lit and the right perspective. The camera just helps you to be the best you can be! Good job!

    Have a great day!

    Carlsbad, Ca. USA
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    Pro work! Bravo!

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    Nice series excellently exposed

    It is better to die on you feet than to live on your knees.....Emiliano Zapata
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    Mahalo for the accolades everyone! The support and encouragement is most appreciated.

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