Rio De Janeiro , the city with hidden depths

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Do you think , you could see Rio by standing at the feet of Christ The Redeemer ? I hate to tell you , standing at the feet of christ and listening to the people around you , just stop , close your eyes , feel the warm breeze on your face and listen..

So i stood there at the feet of christ , and a conversation weaved its way between all the other multitudes of languages , and awe inspired gibberish selfie remarks. Two men ,were talking , one must have been a local , the other mans voice was clear , but not hostile ,he said " So , when do you the Brazilians will start to work and sort out the city for the olympic games ?"
The question was asked in a genuine interested way , i could sense no animosity between the words.

There was lull in the noise at the feet of Christ , it was if the local brazilian man had taken in a breath and sucked all the sound and noise into his chest just before he was going to answer.

" I think that will happen when Jesus Claps his Hands " , he said those words with a dead pan poker face and looked up to Christs the Redeemers open arms . And then I burst out laughing
The two men looked over at me and smiled , they were glad that their strange little conversation that could have turned into rather uptight and short response , that it was appreciated by a wider audience besides themselves , Christ the Redeemer and noisy Helicopter flying over head

Everything you have ever wanted is on the other side of Fear


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