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First time putting together a website. Am satisfied with home page/folder appearance. Not happy with gallery style. On my home page I have 5 folders -photo & title of each folder. . Clicking a folder image gets you to galleries. My chief complaint is that after clicking a gallery there is too much text and icons surrounding each image.
I like the gallery style "thumbnails" - when I click on a gallery I just want to see a clean image, nothing around it. Another click would give me the title underneath it.
How do I get that. Will admit that I haven't done a lot of exploring on the website.


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    By using "Customize -> Gallery Style -> Thumbnail" you can set your galleries to be thumbnail style.

    If you're on the Gallery, you can also go to Customize -> Content and Design, then click on the gallery area. That'll let you set the default gallery style so all of your galleries use thumbnail.

    You can also then drill into "Thumbnail" style and choose how the information is displayed. For example, you could have the title be displayed when the visitor hovers the mouse over the thumbnail.

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    Thank you leftquark. Actually I selected "thumbnails" just before reading your reply and playing around I discovered it was just what I wanted. I will check out your next 2 paragraphs. Much appreciated.

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