Apple TV cannot log in to SmugMug

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I purchased a 4th Gen Apple TV today to replace the Roku app that no longer works. When I try to log in to the SmugMug app I just get a spinning wheel of death. The password is correct, my internet is gigabit speed and 5g, and I can browse and view the featured items without a problem. It seems to be an issue with Smugmug talking to Apple TV? I can log in and view everything just fine on my phone and computers.

Is this a known issue with a simple fix?

Roku TV
4th Gen Apple TV
Gigabit internet
Site is Tremp Family


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    I just double checked by logging out of my own AppleTV and logged back in. It logged in successfully.

    With the SmugMug app open, double tap the “tv” icon on your remote (quickly press it twice). This launches the app switcher. While the SmugMug app is highlighted, swipe up on the remote to “throw away” (close) the SmugMug app. Then re-launch it and try logging in again.

    If that still doesn’t work, I’ll pass along to an engineer to see if we can troubleshoot.

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    As another SmugMug and Apple TV user, I can confirm that logging in does indeed work for me.

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    I find that despite having super speed broadband the Smugmug app on Apple TV takes an inordinate time to load photos for display. I find it’s quicker to use the Smugmug app on iPad and screen mirror the screen over to the TV for display.
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