The Subway, Zion National Park, Utah

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Hi all,

I managed to secure a last minute permit (benefits of a winter trip) to hike to 'The Subway' in Zion National Park. I did the hike last Thursday and it was pretty strenuous, especially since I had a heavy camera bag and tripod. The hike is around 8 miles round trip, crossing the stream multiple times and negotiating boulders. It was definitely not a fun hike. The magic though started to happen a half mile before the destination, by Archangel Falls. Because of the heavy snowfall and rain the past few weeks, the creek was flowing with good force. The falls looked amazing, although 'The Subway' itself had too much water to get cool shots of the potholes etc. I will have to head back in the fall for those. Here are some shots from my trip. Thanks for looking.




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