Photo View-count and Google Analytics/Similar

LinuxHack3rLinuxHack3r Registered Users Posts: 16 Big grins

I have basically realized than in terms of tracking photo views, Google Analytics is useless. I understand the how it works, etc.

I've built a really cool dashboard via Octoboard, it pulls in data from Instagram, Google Analytics, etc.
I guess I'd really like a graph showing photo views per day for the previous 30 days. SmugMug doesn't integrate with Octoboard (I wouldn't expect them to).

So, question time:
Am I missing something via Google Analytics that I can select a specific metric that will show essentially the equivalent of photo views (I don't think I can, just asking to be sure)?

Is it possible via the API to access photo view data? If I can get the data into a Google spreadsheet automatically (daily), I can do this.

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