Monobella grassei: Misplaced Images Found

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These are from a second session with the 25mm Photar.

I had viewed them in the camera and again on the camera card via the PC. These were clearly better than those from the first session (uploaded here recently). So, together with other images from the second session, I started transferring them from the card to the PC, each species into a newly created folder.

At some stage, the software recognised that the folder had the same name as the first one and offered to merge them, which I accepted.

This was not the first species whose images I processed. When the time came, I opened the “merged” folder to find the new images were missing. I went to some trouble to trace them but with no success.

When I next prepared to unload the images from later sessions, I saw a folder on the card…

So, somewhat later than intended, here are some of the images. They were framed with a FOV 5mm wide, cropped to 3 or 4mm.

Olympus EM-1 (manual mode), Leitz Wetzlar Photar 25mm f2.5 macro at f11 or f16, single TTL flash, hand-held with support.

As they walk along they frequently press one or the other antenna tip on the substrate.


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