High Magnification Macro Through Tominon 135mm

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In February last year, I removed a flat piece of timber from where it had lain for a week or two on top of a pile of wood chips. In one spot I found this colony of a slime mould. The whiteness shows that it is one with lime in its outer layers. I have not seen one of those in such close groupings before. The larger fruiting bodies are about 1mm across.

I was trying my Tominon 135mm macro lens at it optimum magnification of 2:1 (4:1 with the crop factor). EM-1 and triple TTL RC flash. I took some images at f8 and others at f11 (nominal, set on lens). The lens is fully manual so no aperture data are given in the EXIF. I suspect that these are all f11 ones.

I think it did quite well. I will upload some similar shots form my usual setup in due course.

The stereo is crosseye.

One or two images have been cropped.



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