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In my default set up for my galleries I use a header/logo image at the top. The logo image is only 100px high but quite wide, to accomodate wide browser windows.
I have noticed now that this header does not appear in most browsers the way it used to do back when it was first created and the way I want it to appear.
The logo image consists of an image with my name on the left side. The intention was that my name would be displayed at top the left side of the browser page always, regardless of how wide the browser window was. Basically what I wanted was what is displayed in this screenshot: https://galleries.ringstadfoto.no/Other/Header-02/n-6f95V/i-MQDp2St/A
However, I have now noticed that something has changed at some point, so that in narrow browser windows, the logo image does not appear as intended in most browsers.
The screen shot above is from Internet explorer, and here it still works the way I intended it to. The logo image is always left justified, resulting in my name alway being visible to the left.
However, in other browsers (Chrome and Firefox) it apperas that the image is instead center justified, and for narrow browser windows this means that my name dissapear to the left of the browser window edge. This basically looks like this screenshot: https://galleries.ringstadfoto.no/Other/Header-02/n-6f95V/i-D3CPcQR/A
With really narrow browser windows, like on mobile browsers, The logo image degenerates further and appears reduced in size, something like this: https://galleries.ringstadfoto.no/Other/Header-02/n-6f95V/i-CK4zfv6/A
It is now several years since I changed anything in the default appearance of my galleries so my memory of what I did and why is a bit fuzzy. Also I have not been paying much attention to any changes and new capabilities that have been introduced in Smugmug.
My basic question is what I can do to make my gallery header/logo always appear as in the first image linked to above.
I suspect that there may be better ways of doing this than using the logo feature, but my experience and knowledge of smugmug customization is limited and somewhat outdated, and so is also my knowledge of html/css, so I am not sure what is the best way to accomplish what I want.
Link to example gallery: https://galleries.ringstadfoto.no/Landscapes/Norway/


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