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Q: When/before I upload to SM I always change the file name, as for this image it’s “Archway Islands.tiff or CR2 (SM changes it to a .jpg) So if I go to that photo on the website and copy the link to send to someone it come out as this?
"wildfrogphotography.com/Animals/Popular-Images/i-zRx2kXp" thats Ok it takes people to the photo.

Wouldn’t it be better for SEO to have the file name at the end like this?

wildfrogphotography.com/Animals/Popular-Images/archway Islands.jpeg

Q: So whats the file name used for on SM ? Should I not bother to change it for SM ? just use keywords ?

I did find this long link with the uploaded file name in it, but will not open
https://photos.smugmug.com/Animals/Popular-Images/i-zRx2kXp/1/1ec4a6b9/S/Archway Islands-S.jpg


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    Try adding a %20


    Edit: BTW, your link with the space opens here in Firefox.

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