Launching Lena

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The Maine Coast is starting to come alive after a miserable, icy winter. Boatyards are launching boats (into 45 degF water) for the early birds. Lena is a lovely boat that looks a bit gawky hanging in a sling but I'm sure is sleek and trim on the water.

Rolling out to the launch dock

Fun with extreme wide (15mm-e)

Setting the Mast

I didn't get a shot of her in the water. They still had to mount the boom and tighten all the fittings so there was still a long way to go.


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    I like last relaxed the two gentleman are, suspended in air.

  • WernerGWernerG Major grins MainePosts: 534Registered Users Major grins

    It got even more interesting. Here the boat owner is on an ordinary cylindrical-rung wooden ladder with the top rung resting on the cylindrical mast in order to remove one of the lines used to hoist the mast. Not my idea of a stable set up.

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