App to make full backup of all your photos and videos

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As a SmugMug user I wanted to keep a local backup of all my photos and videos. As you probably know the only way to do it is to open each gallery and download it, this is all but user-friendly.
I'm a programmer so I decided to make my own software to do it. It can run periodically and will download new elements, skipping exising ones. It uses your API access tokens to access the account, loops over all galleries and downloads each photo and video to a folder you choose.
It requires some programming skills to be downloaded and configured, but then you'll have a full backup of your account.
It's completely open source, feel free to use it, change it, share it, etc.
Can be downloaded from github, project: tommyblue/smugmug-backup (sorry, I can't post link as I'm a new user)
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  • SamirDSamirD Huntsville Car Posts: 3,473Registered Users Major grins

    Thank you! What are the system requirements for this? I see on your blog someone got it working for Windows, implying that it doesn't work in windows normally?

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