Results of Mini-Challenge #283 Abstract ICM and/or Multiple Exposures

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I am surprised and delighted at the range of abstract art that this challenge pulled. There are great examples of post impressionism, abstract surrealism, abstract expressionism, lyrical expressionism, and cubism; and even one that might qualify as Dadaism.

Let me say that I am no expert (or even amateur) in the area of evaluating abstract art, and in fact, there aren't really any standards to apply. My perspective is that I know what I like, and I try to understand why I like it. So the evaluations are pretty subjective (buried in a bit of pseudo-objective commentary).

@Jag - I was really taken with your second image, which probably fits a lyrical impressionism definition. The texture of the bark underlying a very lovely portrait with a young face and a thoughtful expression carries strong emotions of wistfulness, sadness, impending age.

@StueveShots - I take back the comments I made just after you posted! I think I was expecting quite different images from the ones you posted, but, after looking at them several times, the first two images are definitely within the definition. They have an abstract surrealism quality to them that puzzles the brain and draws the eye. But it is your third image that I really like (again, a subjective view). It is a very lovely two-tone image in an abstract impressionist style. The swirls create neat blocks of colour that suggest happiness and peace.

@Cavalier - I am really taken with your first image, of the multicoloured waterfall. The sprays of well-defined water drops emerging from the vertical stripes creates a very three-dimensional image that draws the eye back into the image repeatedly. There is joy and mystery in the image.

@pegelli. Three great images, but it is your third image, out of the wormhole, that is really a standout. The energy and mystery, combined with abstract surrealism produced by the slow shutter make this a very strong image.

@lkbart - I love all three of your images. The second is a great example of abstract impressionism, but it is the first and third that really shine. In looking at these repeatedly, it struck me that these are a great examples of using a camera to create a cubist interpretation of a scene. Looked at as a whole, especially the first image, gives the impression of a whole organism made up of many parts - and perhaps that is a great interpretation of dance.

@Sapphire73 - thanks for contributing three rather lovely lyrical impressionist interpretations of woodland scenes. The purple and green create a very lovely positive and imaginative mood.

@jwear - I love the amorphous, organic quality of this image of your lunar eclipse. I might suggest the image is an example of Dadaism as you seem to have figuratively "thumbed your nose" at all of the conventions of lunar photography (sharp, well defined details of craters and outlines against the dark backdrop of space), and interpreted the moon in a very different mood.

@grandmaR - The two images are really great and contrast nicely against each other. I truly like the energy and exuberance of the first, which is a nice abstract impressionist image.

@slpollett - Your single image is a really great example of an abstract surrealist style. Blue conveys trust and peace, and the energy from movement, is contrasted against the hat on the dashboard (which I think makes the image).

@redleash - you submitted a set of three very nice images, but it is the second, titled Harmony, that is really a standout for me. This is a nice example of lyrical expressionism, and the horizontal bands of green and brown joined by the strong vertical lines of the trunks create a harmony, a sense of security and growth.

So, as usual, selecting three images to place third, second and first was pretty difficult.

Firstly, HMs to @redleash (second image, harmony)

and @spollet (blue tunnel and hat)

Third place to @Jag for image number two. For me, this impressionist image evoked very strong emotions.

Second place to @Cavalier for the image of the multi-coloured waterfall. The three dimensional effect in this strong abstract impressionist image is very compelling.

First place to @lklbart, for the first image, which I interpret as a cubist synthesis of dance. The simple background, and simple colour palette combine with the energy and synchronism of the dancers to generate a compelling interpretation of dance in the style of Picasso or Georges Braque.

Thank you all for contributing such thoughtful and intriguing works. Over to you Lillian!


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    Thank you Dave for a great running challenge and for your thoughtful comments on my image. Congrats to Lillian for the first place win and Jo for your runner up image! Kudos to all who entered this round. Excellent work!

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    Thank you for the comment, and thanks for the 2 lol,s entry was to throw a bit of humor in .

    Jeff W

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    Thanks Dave for your indepth comments and 'impressions' of all the entries for this mini. Well done! Thanks for the second place and you are sooo right in selecting Lillians Dancers for first- her multi-exposure entry is outstanding.

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    Thanks for the HM and kudos to the winner! This was a different sort of challenge and one I was glad to see, as I play with this type of work quite a bit. Thanks, Dave, for your great commentary--I learned quite a bit.

    "But ask the animals, and they will teach you." (Job 12:7)

    Lauren Blackwell
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    Congrats to the winners and HM's, I also was immediately taken by lklbart's image, very creative and well executed and therefore a deserved winner. And thanks to Dave for a great mini and all the detailed commenting.

    Pieter, aka pegelli
    My SmugMug
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    Wow! Thank you all so much! There were so many wonderful and unique images, loved the theme! Thanks to Dave for running a great mini, wonderful commenting and thanks for the honors!

    Congrats to Jo and Joyce for their great images, and to Sherry and Lauren for the HMs. Great mini! I'll have a new one posted Sunday.

    A photograph is an artistic expression of life, captured one moment at a time . . .
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    Thanks, Dave, for your thorough comments and kind words. You chose as your winner the photo I would have chosen—it is stunning! Congratulations, Lillian!

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