Workflow from Wordpress D-base with metadata and photos to a Smugmug Gallery

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We're having a photo contest and have been collecting submissions via our WordPress web site. They live in a Contact Database - the images and their related metadata. We'd like to go to a Smugmug gallery (actually a separate one for Adults and another for Youth) that associates each photo with its title and description. Can we export from the d-base on Wordpress or alternatively can we go from an Excel Spreadsheet that we can export our d-base to?


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    If you have the actual images for each grouping, you can create a Gallery for the Adults and one for the Youth. Then upload the images to their respective groups. If the metadata for each image is embedded in the photos then it will also upload with the image and can be seen by turning on the "photo information" within the Gallery Settings inside the Organizer. Then guests can also click on the "i" and see the information that is embedded on each image.

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  • elliotmarelliotmar Registered Users Posts: 2 Beginner grinner
    Thanks for your reply Jenuine. How do you embed specific metadata with a photo that you upload to a SmugMug gallery?
    Thanks again for further guidance.
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