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I just went to my Smugmug page and was met with a popup telling me that I needed a new browser to go further. I use IE as my browser. I realize MS no longer supports it and is trying to force everyone to Edge. Smugmug worked fine with IE the last time I went there. Every other website I go to work fine with IE. Now, to get a link to a photo I need to set another browser as default, use it, then go back to IE to effect the link. I use IE because of the Menu Bar, which the other 3 browsers don't have. Is there a way to access SM without being forced to change to a different browser?


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    Official support for IE11 was dropped in February, though we still allowed pages to load. When Microsoft stops supporting a browser it means they stop patching security holes and they don't add support for various technologies that modern browsers support.

    We're getting ready to launch some exciting improvements to SmugMug and they're built with the best tools that we have available. These tools have been adopted by all modern browsers but IE11 is too old to support them and your photos would no longer load properly. Instead of the page being broken, as of yesterday we now show you the page that you'll need to update your browser.

    For the security fixes alone, I'd recommend that you try out a modern browser. If you love the Menu Bar on IE11, Chrome has a similar Favorites Bar built into it and is a great browser that supports all the latest technologies.

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