Simple PHP Automatic File Upload Example?

AntonMartinAntonMartin Registered Users Posts: 2 Beginner grinner

I have an API key, secret, and the associated automatically generated Oauth token and secret. I want to use them to upload images automatically to an existing SmugMug album.

The images land on our server automatically by satellite connection, one image per day. I have some PHP which scans every minute or so for new images - I want it to then upload to a specific album (how do I find the album ID?!).

Can someone please provide me with some simple example PHP code using CURL I guess, which we can use the above mentioned key/secret pairs with, to achieve my aim?

Or will I each time need a user to enter credentials to proceed?

I have asked support this question but was advised to post in here while I await a response from them, as soon as I receive a response I'll post it here.

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