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Hi I am a new member and first time contributor, please let me know if there are any rules or etiquette I am not following. I am a full time working photographer for over 25 years, I use Smugmug daily, mostly as a delivery system for individual jobs, to individual recipients or small groups of recipients. I also do lots of corporate events where I want to deliver photos securely to a specific group of up to several hundred recipients. I believe Smugmug can be used to do this effectively, using one link to deliver an event with multiple categories to multiple recipients WITHOUT lots of confusion of self promotion or luring the recipients into looking at my other work. My biggest frustration is trying to get anyone, smugmug, website builders to understand I am not interested in self promotion, I am booked completely solid with work after 25 years and I need to fire some of my customers in order to take even one day a week off. I am not trying to start or grow my business, or get internet strangers to look at my portfolio, I am trying to deliver photos. I am NOT interested in learning web design or smugmug customizing, I AM interested in delegating it to someone qualified and experienced at it at a fair price. A huge frustration for me has been hiring people who assure me "no problem" then spend hours trying to learn how to do a smugmug customization charging me hundreds of dollars and not being able to do it. I don't want to pay someone to learn how to do it, just to actually do it. The last guy I hired told me I needed a separate smugmug account for every stand alone job I want to deliver without people getting lost in my other galleries or portfolios, which can't be right. I have 3 separate smugmug accounts because of this, paying every month, which will eventually eat up all the profit like a dripping faucet. If anyone feels qualified or interested I would love to discuss this project with you, I have a 4 day event out of the country that I need to build a framework for starting June 4. If there is an easier better solution than smugmug I am open to that also. Please message or respond with contact info if you would like to talk, I can show you tons of samples of what I do and don't want. Please have enough experience to do this, and fair prices, I can't spend thousands of dollars on this, this seems like just a few hours for someone who knows what they are doing. Thanks very much.
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