RESULTS: Mini-Challenge #284 Stunning Silhouettes!

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Thanks to all who entered - what a wonderful variety of stunning silhouettes! And loved seeing all the colors!

@JAG - Love that Play time is an unusual black on black silhouette - that rim lighting is great & shows some color in the dog. Sparkles in the water in Goofing off are great, a very fun shot, & nice muted sunset colors at Dana Point!

@Cavalier - Very nice couple shot - beautiful backdrop & crisp silhouette! Really love the sunset shot - gorgeous tree, rich deep colors, crisp shadow. Also enjoyed your processing of the Old Oak tree - surreal, mysterious with a touch of lightning.

@StueveShots - Love the palm trees, nice sky - so sad that they likely aren’t there any more. Really enjoyed both of your stage shots - the link to the Red Baron appears broken, I found your gallery & love all the silhouetted shots there, couldn’t remember which one was entered. The Mary Poppins shadow is just perfect!

@mongoose330 - Really nice surf shot, great capture. What an excellent Yoga Sun Salutation - the sun flare, symmetry, color theme, nice shot! And a beautiful beach sunset, nice colors, crisp shadows, love the bird, another great one. Also enjoyed the Lions Head - nice crisp silhouette; kinda weirded out at Screen Saver until I read your note - tis a cool silhouette, I just couldn’t figure out how the tangs and clownfish were so big!

@grandmaR - Beautiful vibrant colors in all three with very interesting clouds in each. I really like the crispness of the boat in Martello Square Sunset, great contrast, very nice!

@GSPeP - Rich & deep wood colors in Oban Distillery, sharp silhouette, draws me in. Nice colors in Singer & love the reflection & lights in River, great set!

@DavidRGillespie - Wonderful deep rich colors in Evening & crisp silhouette, nice perky ears & color on Horse. I keep going back to Tree and fog - the subtleness of color, the birds, tis a bit eerie - love it!

@sapphire73 - The golden color in Captiva seems metallic! Great sharp silhouettes in all 3 shots, beautiful pastels in Sanibel (btw, love visiting both those islands!). Colorado Twilight - crisp tree branches, beautiful mountain backdrop, ice on the pond and reflection, excellent capture!

@jwear - Nice sharp silhouette in blessed family, cool monument. Lovely golden color, nice sun halo, cool flock of birds & the little clouds add a nice touch in PELI.CAN, & third shot is a cool & unusual group of flying birds, nice set!

@pegelli - Great colors & contrast in all three. Can see the concentration in Videographer, very cool. What a peaceful natural tunnel, great lighting to make the riders stand out as silhouettes but get some texture & color in the trees. I like the unexpectedly bright colors - and the fog - in another videographer.

@bfluegie - Lovely sunsets! Diamond head is cool with the tiny lights and the secondary palm tree silhouettes. The colors in both Waikiki Beach shots are gorgeous, really like the deep colors in sailboat.

Very hard to choose, so many great entries!
HMs: @bfluegie - Diamond head; @pegelli - In a natural tunnel; @DavidRGillespie - Tree and fog; @mongoose330 - Yoga Sun Salutations & Lions Head; @StueveShots - Palm Trees; @JAG - Play time

3rd @cavalier - Sunset through the Walnut trees

2nd @sapphire73 - Colorado Twilight Reflections

Winner: @jwear - PELI. CAN reflex and fly by - Beautiful shot!! Next challenge is yours! :)

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